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Legendary Weapon
Basic종족, 진영, 직업, 제작


List of ranger traits - 레인저 트레잇 - 번역

  • LV 34 마때
  • 조회 2626
  • Trait
  • 2014.05.12 23:07


Marksmanship is a trait line for the ranger that focuses on long range damage and the use of signets.

Per point: Power.png Power +50 Condition Duration.png Condition Duration +5%

Tier Name Description
Adept Trait ranger.png Opening Strike Cause vulnerability with your first strike when entering combat.
전투시작후 첫공격에는 vulnerability가 들어간다
Master Trait ranger.png Alpha Training Pets have Opening Strike.
펫이 Opening strike를 가진다
Grandmaster Trait ranger.png Precise Strike Opening strike always critical hits.
Opening strike는 항상 크리로 때린다
Adept Trait I.png Steady Focus Damage is increased when endurance is full.
endurance가 풀이 아닐때 데미지 10% 증가
Adept Trait II.png Malicious Training Increases duration for conditions applied by your pets.
펫의 컨디션 스킬의 지속시간이 50% 증가
Adept Trait III.png Keen Edge Use Sharpening Stone when you strike a foe below the health threshold.
체력 75%이하로 떨어질때 Sharpening Stone 스킬(5회공격에는 추가 블리딩) 시전 (45초쿨)
Adept Trait IV.png Signet Mastery Reduces recharge on signets.
시그넷 스킬의 쿨탐 20% 감소
Adept Trait V.png Predator's Instinct Apply cripple to foes you hit while they are below the health threshold.
체력이 50%이하로 떨어졌을때 공격한 적에게는 크리플을 준다 (30초쿨)
Adept Trait VI.png Beastmaster's Bond Gain fury and might when your pet's health reaches 50%.
펫의 체력이 50%이하로 떨어졌을때 퓨리와 마이트를 얻는다 (60초쿨)
Master Trait VII.png Spotter Increases precision of nearby allies.
거리600의 아군에게 150의 프리시즌을 증가시킨다
Master Trait VIII.png Piercing Arrows All arrow attacks pierce targets.
모든 화살은 관통한다
Master Trait IX.png Beastmaster's Might Activating a signet grants might.
시그넷을 사용하면 3스택 마이트를 얻는다
Master Trait X.png Eagle Eye Increases longbow and harpoon gun range. Longbow and harpoon gun damage is increased.
롱보우와 하푼건의 사정거리가 300증가하고 데미지5% 증가
Grandmaster Trait XI.png Signet of the Beastmaster Active effects of signets also affect you.
시그넷을 사용했을때 그효과도 자신도 받는다
Grandmaster Trait XII.png Remorseless Regain Opening Strike whenever you kill a foe or gain stealth.
적을 죽이거나 은신에 들어갈때 Opening Strike효과를 얻는다
Grandmaster Trait XIII.png Read the Wind Longbow and harpoon gun projectile velocity is increased.
롱보우와 하픈건의 발사속도가 100% 증가



Skirmishing is a trait line for the ranger that focuses on mobility, traps and switching weapons in combat.

Per point: Precision.png Precision +50 Ferocity.png Ferocity +50

Tier Name Description
Adept Trait ranger.png Tail Wind Gain swiftness when swapping weapons in combat.
전투중에 스왑하면 이속버프(5s)를 얻는다
Master Trait ranger.png Furious Grip Gain fury when swapping weapons in combat.
전투중에 스왑하면 퓨리(9s)를 얻는다
Grandmaster Trait ranger.png Hunter's Tactics Deal more damage while flanking.
측면이나 후방공격을 하면 10% 데미지 상승
Adept Trait I.png Pet's Prowess Pet do more damage on critical hits.
펫의 크리 데미지가 30% 상승
Adept Trait II.png Sharpened Edges Chance to cause bleeding on critical hits.
크리의 66% 확률로 블리딩(2s)을 건다
Adept Trait III.png Trapper's Defense Create a Spike Trap while reviving an ally.
아굴을 살릴때 Spike Trap이 생성된다
Adept Trait IV.png Primal Reflexes You gain vigor when you are struck by a critical hit.
치명타 공격을 받을때 vigor(5s)가 생긴다 (15초쿨)
Adept Trait V.png Companion's Might Critical hits grant might to your pet.
크리로 공격하면 펫이 마이트(5s)가 생긴다
Adept Trait VI.png Agility Training Pets move faster.
펫의 이속이 30% 증가한다
Master Trait VII.png Carnivorous Appetite Pets gain health on critical hits.
크리로 공격하면 펫의 피가 찬다
Master Trait VIII.png Trapper's Expertise Trap skills use ground targeting and are larger.
Trap 스킬들이 그라운드 타케팅으로 바뀌고 유효거리가 60증가한다
Master Trait IX.png Honed Axes Gain ferocity while wielding an axe in your main hand.
메인핸드에 도끼를 들면 크리데미지가 10% 증가한다
Master Trait X.png Quick Draw Reduces recharge on short bow and longbow skills.
숏보우와 롱보우 스킬 쿨감 20%
Grandmaster Trait XI.png Trap Potency Conditions caused by traps last longer. Reduces recharge on traps.
트랩으로 거는 컨디션의 지속시간이 100%증가하고 스킬 쿨감20%
Grandmaster Trait XII.png Moment of Clarity Gain an attack of opportunity for you and your pet on interrupting a foe. Daze and stun durations you inflict last longer.
적의 공격을 인터럽트시켰을때 당신과 펫의 다음공격은 데미지 150% 증가한다, daze stun의 지속시간이 100%증가한다
Grandmaster Trait XIII.png Strider's Defense Chance to destroy projectiles while executing a melee attack.
근접공격할때 15%확률로 원거리 투사체공격을 막는다


Wilderness Survival

Wilderness Survival is a trait line for the ranger that focuses on defensive combat maneuvers.

Per point: Toughness.png Toughness +50 Condition Damage.png Condition Damage +50

Tier Name Description
Adept Trait ranger.png Natural Vigor Increases endurance regeneration.
endurance 회복속도 25% 상승
Master Trait ranger.png Companion´s Defense You and your pet gain protection when you dodge roll.
전투중 닷지하면 프로텐션(2s)을 얻는다
Grandmaster Trait ranger.png Peak Strength Deal extra damage while your health is above the threshold.
체력이 90%이상일때 10% 데미지 증가
Adept Trait I.png Soften the Fall Create Muddy Terrain when you take falling damage. You take less damage from falling.
낙뎀을 입으면 진흙장판Muddy Terrain을 깔고 낙뎀50% 감소
Adept Trait II.png Healer's Celerity Grant swiftness to yourself and your ally when you revive them. Increases revive speed.
아군을 살리면 아군과 당신은 이속버프(15s)를 얻고 부활속도가 10%상승한다
Adept Trait III.png Shared Anquish Incoming disabling conditions (stun, daze, knockback, knockdown, sink, float, fear, or launch) are transferred to your pet instead.
행동불능 컨디션이 걸릴때 펫으로 넘긴다 (90초쿨)
Adept Trait IV.png Vigorous Renewal Gain vigor when using a heal skill.
힐스킬 사용하면 vigor(5s)를 얻는다
Adept Trait V.png Expertise Training Pets deal extra condition damage.
펫의 컨디션 데미지가 350증가
Adept Trait VI.png Wilderness Knowledge Reduces recharge on survival skills.
 survival 스킬의 쿨감 20%
Master Trait VII.png Off-Hand Training Reduces recharge on off-hand skills. Off-hand skills have longer range.
오프핸드 스킬의 쿨감 20%. 오프핸드 무기의 사정거리 300증가
Master Trait VIII.png Oakheart Salve Gain regeneration when you suffer from bleeding, poison or burning.
블리딩 포이즌 버닝을 당하면 리젠을 얻는다 (15초쿨)
Master Trait IX.png Hide in Plain Sight Applies camouflage when you are dazed, knocked down, launched, pushed back, or stunned.
상태불능에 빠졌을때  camouflage (은신, 움직이면 풀린다) 효과를 얻는다
Master Trait X.png Martial Mastery Reduces recharge on sword, greatsword, and spear skills.
소드 대검 창의 스킬 쿨감 20%
Grandmaster Trait XI.png Empathic Bond Pets periodically take conditions from you.
10초마다 펫이 당신의 컨션 3개를 가져간다
Grandmaster Trait XII.png Bark Skin You and your pet take less damage while your health is below the threshold.
체력이 25%이하일때 데미지 50%감소(펫 포함)
Grandmaster Trait XIII.png Poison Master After swapping pets, your pet's first attack will inflict poison. Your poison damage is increased.
펫을 교체한후 펫의 첫 공격에 포이즌이 추가되고 당신의 포이즌 데미지가 50% 증가한다


Nature Magic

Nature Magic is a trait line for the ranger that focuses on improving boons and spirits.

Per point: Vitality.png Vitality +50 Boon Duration.png Boon Duration +5%

Tier Name Description
Adept Trait ranger.png Rejuvenation Gain regeneration when your health drops below the threshold.
체력 75% 이하일때 리젠을 얻는다 (30초쿨)
Master Trait ranger.png Fortifying Bond Any boon you get is shared with your pet.
분을 펫과 공유한다
Grandmaster Trait ranger.png Bountiful Hunter You and your pet deal more damage while you have a boon.
분을 가지고 있을때 데미지 5% 증가 (펫포함)
Adept Trait I.png Circle of Life Create a healing spring when you are downed.
다운되었을때 힐 장판healing spring 이 깔린다
Adept Trait II.png Concentration Training Boons applied by your pets last longer.
펫의 분 지속시간이 50%늘어난다
Adept Trait III.png Nature's Bounty Regeneration you apply lasts longer.
리젠 지속시간이 33% 늘어난다
Adept Trait IV.png Vigorous Spirits Spirits have increased health and a greater chance to trigger their benefits.
Spirits의 체력이 100% 늘어나고 패시브 발동 확률이 70%로 늘어난다
Adept Trait V.png Strength of Spirit Gain power based on your vitality.
바이탈의 7%만큼 파워가 늘어난다
Adept Trait VI.png Nature's Protection Receive protection when you take damage greater than a percentage of your maximum health.
한번에 체력 10%이상의 데미지를 받았을때 프로텍션을 얻는다 (30초 쿨)
Master Trait VII.png Spirits Unbound Spirits can move and follow you.
스피릿들이 자신을 따라다닌다
Master Trait VIII.png Evasive Purity Dodging removes blindness and poison from you.
닷지하면 블라인드와 포인즌이 사라진다 (10초쿨)
Master Trait IX.png Two-Handed Training Greatsword and spear damage is increased. Greatsword and spear attacks have a chance to grant fury on hit.
대검과 창의 데미지가 5%증가하고 공격 50%확률로 퓨리를 얻는다
Master Trait X.png Enlargement Use Signet of the Wild when your health drops below the threshold.
체력이 25%이하로 떨어질때 데미지가 25%상승하고 스태빌리티(8s)를 얻는다 (60초쿨)
Grandmaster Trait XI.png Nature's Vengeance Activated skills of spirits are larger and trigger when the spirit is killed.
스피릿의 스킬 범위가 120늘어나고 스피릿이 죽어도 스피릿 스킬이 발동된다
Grandmaster Trait XII.png Nature's Voice Shouts apply regeneration and swiftness to allies.
Shouts 스킬을쓰면 리젠(10s)과 이속증가(10s)를  360거리내 아군에게 준다
Grandmaster Trait XIII.png Survival of the Fittest Remove conditions and gain fury when using a Survival skill.
 Survival 스킬을 사용하면 컨디션 2개를 지워주고 퓨리(6s)를 얻는다



Beastmastery is a trait line for the ranger that focuses on improving pet abilities.

Per point: Healing Power.png Healing Power +50 Ranger tango icon 20px.png Pet Attribute Bonus +5

Tier Name Description
Adept Trait ranger.png Instinctual Bond When you are downed, your pet gains quickness.
다운되었을때 펫의 공속50%(5s) 상승한다
Master Trait ranger.png Loud Whistle Reduces recharge on pet swapping.
펫의 교체 쿨탐이 20% 감소한다
Grandmaster Trait ranger.png Nature's Wrath Gain power based on your healing.
힐파워 10%만큼 파워가 상승한다
Adept Trait I.png Speed Training Reduces recharge on pet skills.
펫 스킬의 쿨탐이 10% 감소한다
Adept Trait II.png Master's Bond Your pet has a bond with you that increases its attributes each time you kill a foe. When it is defeated or deactivated, the bond is reset.
적을 죽일때마다 펫의 파워,터프,바이탈,프리시즌 8씩 올라간다 (max25 스택)
Adept Trait III.png Shout Mastery Reduces recharge on shouts.
샤우트 스킬의 쿨감 20% 감소
Adept Trait IV.png Compassion Training Pet healing attributes are increased.
펫의 힐파워 증가
Adept Trait V.png Commanding Voice Pet skills (F2) recharge faster.
펫의 f2 스킬 쿨감 20%
Adept Trait VI.png Mighty Swap You and your pet gain might when they are activated.
전투중 펫을 교체하면 3스택 마이트(15s)를 얻는다 (펫포함)
Master Trait VII.png Rending Attacks Drake, Feline, Devourer, and Shark pets bleed on critical hit with their basic attacks.
Drake, Feline, Devourer, Shark펫이 기본공격으로 치명타를 때릴때 블리딩을 건다
Master Trait VIII.png Stability Training Ursine, porcine, and armor fish pets gain stability when disabled.
Ursine, porcine, and armor fish 펫들은 상태불능에 빠지면 스태빌리티를 얻는다
Master Trait IX.png Intimidation Training Activated (F2) abilities for canines and spiders cause cripple.
canines and spiders펫이 f2 스킬을 사용할때 크리플을 건다
Master Trait X.png Vigorous Training Pets grant vigor to nearby allies when activated.
전투중 펫을 교체하면 주변 600거리 아군은 vigor를 얻는다
Grandmaster Trait XI.png Zephyr's Speed You and your pet gain 3 seconds of quickness when you swap pets.
전투중 펫을 교체하면 3초간 공속 버프를 얻는다 (펫포함)
Grandmaster Trait XII.png Natural Healing Your pets have natural health regeneration.
펫이 매초 체력 회복된다
Grandmaster Trait XIII.png Invigorating Bond Your pet heals allies in an area when executing a command [F2] ability.
f2 스킬 사용시 360거리의 아군 체력 회복
LV 43 마때  최고관리자
  • 3%
  • Exp21,450
  • Point22,450
등록된 서명이 없습니다.


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